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Proudly providing packaging solutions for over 40 years

Proudly providing packaging solutions for over 40 years

A core part of our business offers food packaging products that focus on durability and user-centric design.

The wide selection of packaging belongs to the top tiers of the waste-hierarchy, keeping them in the circular economy through reuse and recycling. We call this division ‘Bonson Solutions’.

Whatever type of foodservice or hospitality you are in; from takeaways, cafes, restaurants to catering businesses and delis, there is a range of Bonson Solutions packaging to serve your customers well.

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Recyclable PP containers, bowls, cutlery and more - specially designed for food services on-the-go.


PET plastic packaging - one of the most widely recycled plastics available that is ideal ...


Recyclable PP ready-meal solution - stylish, sturdy and shelf-ready.


Reusable containers and kitchen pails made in NZ - extending life beyond what you initially ...


Recyclable PP tamper-evident containers - a seamless seal that delivers food safety and freshness.

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Made with care by the Bonson family

Helping you go beyond the expected

Made with care by the Bonson family

Bonson Solutions feature thousands of packaging items that are each designed and manufactured by the Bonson team with care, using the latest in injection moulding technology and widely recycled polypropylene (PP) plastic.

Our manufacturing

We are committed to continual improvement

We are committed to continual improvement

Bonson prides itself on being a family business and this allows us to be agile. Agility is what helps us respond to our customer needs, rapidly creating products that help our customers serve their customers better.

We are fussy about who we work with and this is reflected in the quality of our products and service. We choose reputable partners and suppliers who hold similar company values to our own and we always seek ways to exceed customer expectations.

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