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More knowledge, better choices

Bonson uses a variety of raw materials in its packaging - reduce, reuse and recycle... we have it covered.

Solutions available range from compostable packaging right through to various recyclable plastic options, such as those recommended by WasteMINZ to replace plastics that are harder to recycle.

Bonson offers a wide choice of packaging in these materials and no matter which material you choose for your packaging, you can rest assured that all solutions offered by us meet Bonson's stringent quality criteria.

In 2020 the New Zealand Government announced its decision to phase out single-use packaging made of hard-to-recycle PVC (plastic 3) and polystyrene (plastic 6). This is likely to mean alternative materials such as PP (plastic 5) and PET (plastic 1) become more favoured options as they are able to be accepted by most councils for recycling.

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