BonsonTE™ PP Rectangular Tamper Evident 5L Ice Cream Containers

Product Code: B5270-RTE-F


Dimensions: 336 × 165 × 337 mm
Bonson Division:

Bonson Solutions




Polypropylene (PP)

Product description

This 5 litre ice cream tub and lid was a finalist in the Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design Awards and is now available for Bonson’s customers in New Zealand to enjoy. The freezer-grade tub and lid have a unique locking mechanism that allows it to be easily re-secured once opened to prevent freezer burn of exposed product – important in retail situations where presentation is paramount. Designed for scooping ice cream with ease, the product is perfect for anyone with dexterity challenges as the lid clicks closed in a way that’s similar to many domestic containers. They can also be used beyond their original life by being filled with other contents for kitchen food preparation, storage, and more.

Suitable for

  • Chilled contents
  • Refrigeration
  • Freezer
  • Food safe

Sustainability/ recycling code

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