New Zealand — single-use plastic ban explained

Plastics play an important role in our economy and daily lives. When used in packaging, plastic helps ensure food safety and reduce food waste. But often, the way plastics are produced, used and discarded can result in wasted resources, causing pollution and litter.

Bonson supports the single-use plastic ban as an effort to reduce the use of problematic single-use plastic products.

As a food packaging supplier, we are proud to be leading the way with our customers in making the change, taking a positive step towards a circular economy by avoiding waste and adopting reusable or recyclable options in plastic packaging.

Below is key information you need to prepare for the ban

Feel free to download and share our compiled factsheet (updated Sep 2023) with your staff or customers to help them make sustainable decisions. You can also find more information about the ban by visiting the Ministry for the Environment website.

Image source: (2023) Phasing out problematic plastics in Aotearoa [Infographic]. Ministry for the Environment.


Buying from Bonson

Minimising our impact on the environment is a key motivator in our decision making.

Our Bonson Solutions division features packaging solutions that are made with valuable plastics widely accepted for kerbside recycling collection in New Zealand – including PET (plastic numbered 1) and PP (plastic numbered 5) takeaway and reusable packaging. Browse our Bonson Enviro ranges for packaging alternatives that are made with rapidly renewable natural materials like sugarcane and paper.